Language Lounge’s logo depicts the ouroboros, an ancient symbol of eternal cyclic renewal, which comprises our principles of:

1. Valuing the constant renewal of text:

For us every text becomes the context of a new text. We value the quality of each translation work both as a source of knowledge and as an input for further innovation.

2. Being quality and efficiency oriented.

Accuracy with deadlines and quality goes hand in hand.- balancing- We are constantly making translation projects and processes more efficient, convenient and logical incorporating state-of-the-art workflow and translation technology. We incorporate a multi-stage quality assurance process tailored for each of our clients; considering the particular needs of each project we look for the best translators in the field and the most suitable translation technique.

3. Contributing to intercultural communication of knowledge, services and products.

We support and encourage translation as a career choice and believe in sharing good translation practices through organizing in-service training, translation and language training for individuals and companies and Translation Seminars. ­

4. Adhering to ethical principles of translation.

In cooperation with Tallinn University’s master students in Translation we have compiled a code of professional ethics for small translators, to which we always adhere to in our work. (Translate).